War Info Links

Revolutionary War brings you a great resource that will help you in your search for further information on this subject. Below are is a good resource of other sites of interest that contain relevant and useful information:

America's Freedom Documents Information on The Declaration of Independence plus the Bill of Rights and the Constitution

American Revolution Navigation Tools Good place to do a keyword or subject search, as well as a time line of the American Revolutionary War, including regional maps of the American Revolutionary War battles

Benjamin Franklin a short biography of the great man

http://www.libertynet.org/iha/betsy/index.html: Betsy Ross Homepage (Note: This page is no longer active) Betsy Ross' house, containing interesting quotes, notes, flag etiquette, flag trivia, step by step directions on how to cut a 5 pointed star, plus flag facts and time line

Who Was Betsy Ross, as an additional resource is a really good replacement for the above website, as suggested by Kimberly Edwards.

Biography Large online database of 15,000 biographies, both past and present

Charleston Connections: Historical Highlights a well documented chronological list of events that are arranged by centuries

The Charleston Multimedia Project: Timeline a chronology of events of interest from the 16th century right up to the present

Colonial Currency Here you can view colonial currency originating from 15 states, plus Continental currency, Colonial Lottery Tickets and Colonial Fiscal Documents

Colonial Lexington Web page created by students on the fascinating history of Lexington.

The Colonies during the Revolutionary War Here you can obtain information about a certain battle site by clicking  its location on an image map

Cowpens National Battlefield South Carolina Information on a Revolutionary War battle staged between General Daniel Morgan's Patriot troops and Banastre Tarleton's (Bloody Ben) British forces.

The Diary of Colonel Landon Carter This diary is covered from June 1776 to February 1777. You can also check "Meet the People" for further information ob George Washington, Martha Washington, Patrick Henry and George Wythe.

Flags of the American Revolution Great resource covering the British Red Ensign, Grand Union flag, Don't Thread on Me flag, Betsy Ross flag, Stars and Stripes, Bennington flag, American Stripes, General Washington's Headquarters flag, Serapis flag, Guilford flag and of course the Star Spangled Banner

Historic Philadelphia Here you'll find info on America's most historic mile, the campaign of 1777, seven tours of Philly, Independence Hall, Betsy Ross House and Valley Forge

Historic Valley Forge Information on the six month encampment at Valley Forge. Includes a letter written by George Washington to Governor George Clinton describing camp conditions and requesting assistance.

History Bookmarks Information, time line, people, documents, dates, texts and pictures.

A Hypertext on American History Web page containing an outline of American history, an index to primary sources, essays, biographies and presidents

Lexington and Concord The shot heard "round the world"

Military Actions of the American Revolution

This site contains links to general documents on the Revolutionary War, Revolutionary War battles, events etc

Military Uniforms from the Burgoyne Expedition Displayed at this site are a set of 13 watercolors of uniforms worn by British, German and American soldiers during General John Burgoyne's 1777 invasion of New York

Mount Vernon Educational Resources Here you'll find biographical information on George Washington, grounds tour of Mount Vernon and George Washington as a slave owner. There is an image gallery, trading cards and an online quiz

The Papers of George Washington Here you'll find published selected Revolutionary War documents

The Revolutionary War Home Page Created by elementary and middle school students, this site includes information about the war, famous figures of the Revolution, a time line of events, illustrations and teacher ideas.

Revolutionary War Timeline This site lists 1764 to 1775 and was created by the Library of Congress

US History, Colonial America 1600-1776 Here is an article by Carol Hurst and Rebecca Otis

The U.S. Revolution for Independence This informative website resolves of the Continental Congress, Thomas Paine Common Sense, Declaration of Arms, Declaration of Independence, American Revolution: online, Articles of Confederation, Virginia Declaration of Rights, Treaty of Paris, Loyalist/British songs and poetry, Maryland Loyalist, bibliographies, Biographical dictionary, Spain's support to U.S. independence, Jonathan Trumbell family,George Welling "the Dutch and the American Revolution", Manhasset, South Sea Bubble Project and Nathan Hale

A Vital Turn of Events Information about Polly Cooper and the Oneida Indians as they rescue the starving troops at Valley Forge, Pa.

The War for American Independence Information site covering Henry Knox, Benedict Arnold, Newburgh Conspiracy, New York Tea Party, General Gage's arrival at Boston, a prophetic letter written by an American gent in London to his friend, the capture of Henry Laurens, Wyoming Valley General John Sullivan, chronological list of battles, list of Aides-de-Camp and Military Secretaries to General Washington, images of original documents and artifacts

The War of Independence Here you'll find some interesting text from "An Outline of American History"

There are, we're sure many additional resources out there that we have unfortunately omitted from this list. We will endeavour to add more as our researches uncover them.